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October 16th, 2003

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02:40 am
Hm. rhysara collects quotes from her students and co-workers. Me, I just collect snarky quotes from film reviewers.

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Date:October 16th, 2003 03:37 pm (UTC)
“I swear, if I hear one more comparison [between John Woo films and] ‘ballet,’ I’m going to scream. I’ve seen ballet, and the dancers do not blow off each other’s body parts with automatic weapons… though come to think of it, that would have been a welcome addition to the Macaulay Culkin version of The Nutcracker.”

Even though there are so many to choose from, this one made me laugh the hardest...

I love you for collecting these in one page.
But now I have this inexplicable urge to watch Alien Resurrection again...

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