Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Angstgiving: executive summary

• Turkey consumed: none.

• People seen: none on Angstgiving Day itself, lots o' people (gweepprefect, gizmoek, chial, milknut, and innermonkey) on A+1 and A+2.

• Movies watched: King Kong (the original and true), Son of Kong, "Mighty Joe Young" (original and true), The Most Dangerous Game, The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition), The Two Towers (extended edition), The Return of the King (extended edition). Oh, plus additional trips through Kong and Most Dangerous Game and the extended Two Towers to listen to commentaries. The Lord-of-the-Rings-'til-you-bleed fest was hosted by gweepprefect, to whom thanks; the rest was all self-inflicted.
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