Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
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Brit news

Reported in today's Times: Yesterday a lesbian couple in Belfast became the first UK citizens to take advantage of the new Civil Partnership Act, which allows same-sex civil unions. Fundamentalist Christian protesters stood outside Belfast City Hall with signs reading "SODOMY IS A SIN" and "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL". However – and this is where the story diverges somewhat from the similar event in Cambridge MA some years ago –


...two counter-demonstrators – both wearing false toothbrush moustaches and no trousers – infiltrated the protesters and stood among them with signs reading "BRING BACK SLAVERY" and "EARTH IS FLAT".

The above is my new favouritest photo evar. *snork*

Also, from Monday's Times, in the "definitely N.M.K." department:
...I've been propositioned a lot. One man offered me £2,000 for a threesome, and when I explained that I worked for the Salvation Army, he said, "Great, will you do it with your uniform on?"

—Salvation Army Captain Estelle Blake
Tags: humour, politics
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