Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Lyrics meme

Ganked from kadnkadnk:

The meme is to put all your music on random shuffle, and post the first lines of the first 10 songs or so (that have lyrics). The challenge is for other people to then try to name the song and the artist.

1. U don't have 2 be beautiful 2 turn me on... lizzielizzie
2. When I was young, you said to me that I would grow to find... z_gryphon
3. I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday... sacredchao
4. In my life I've never stopped to worry about a thing...
5. Sleep, baby, sleep, in peace may you slumber... jagheterlelle
6. Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine! slarti
7. I'm mad, and that's a fact...
8. The face before me flies...
9. Don't move, don't talk out of time, don't think, don't worry, everything's just fine... fallenseraph
10. Like to take a cement fix...
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