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August 13th, 2006

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02:02 am - movie update
Saw The Devil Wears Prada tonight. Not a masterpiece, nor a particularly unpredictable story, but quite an enjoyable film all the same, with very likeable turns from Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci, and (the usual) towering performance from Meryl Streep. The only reason I don't declare Streep a national treasure is that doing so would probably provoke W into granting drilling rights in her to some corporation or other.

Also seen in the last coupla weeks:
  • Pilates Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Electric Boogaloo Dead Man's Chest (a little strident and not nearly as fun as the first movie, but entertaining in the bits where it's really firing on all cylinders, and greatly enriched by the addition of Stellan Skarsgård and Bill Nighy to the company);

  • Miami Vice (if you like Michael Mann films, it's a Michael Mann film, and if you don't like Michael Mann films, it's still a Michael Mann film);

  • V For Vendetta (thoughts here); and

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which made me laugh my arse off and which I now feel compelled to proselytise on behalf of. So go rent it already.

<streep>That's all.</streep>

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Date:August 13th, 2006 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, anyone who's seen Heat and Collateral isn't in for a whole lot of surprises in Miami Vice, but I enjoyed it all the same. Nice look, serviceable plot, mostly good actors (especially the amazing Gong Li, of whom *boggle*), non-ridiculous action scenes, and a general sense that Michael Mann has never met a beachhouse scene or a musical interlude that he didn't like. (IIRC, there's at least one musical interlude in Miami Vice that segues into... wait for it... another musical interlude. It's almost verging on self-parody.)
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Date:August 13th, 2006 08:46 pm (UTC)
Did you get the trailer for Crank? I'm pretty sure I'm There for a movie wherein Jason Statham is both Keanu Reeves *and the bus,* at the *same time.* ;)
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Date:August 13th, 2006 10:52 pm (UTC)
I did indeed. In fact, almost all the trailers I've seen recently have been for movies that might themselves be good or at least entertaining, but which had really awful titles: Crank, Gridiron Gang, Children of Men, The Prestige...

(Okay, Children of Men is at least being faithful to the title of its source novel. But still, bleagh.)

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