Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

One out of two...

The good news: further to discussion from this earlier post, DC has now put out an "Absolute" (that is, huge lovely boxed hardcover) edition of Frank Miller's astonishing and trend-setting The Dark Knight Returns. I, of course, was completely unable to resist this.

The bad news: in buying it, one also gets The Dark Knight Strikes Again, which is... less essential, shall we say. Less to the point of being not only unessential, but positively counter-essential. Grrr. And they're in the same single volume, so I can't just throw out this part (which I would, in a hot second).

Still, the first book is well worth the ducats IMO, and it (like Watchmen) really benefits from the larger-format presentation; the art has never looked so good. Mmmmm. Hey, DC: any time you want to do an Absolute Ronin, I'm okay with that...
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