Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Well, the rumours were true: the version of Pixar's 1989 short film Knick Knack that's included on the Finding Nemo DVD has indeed been deboobulated.

Original (boobulated)
a. Original (boobulated) version from the collector's edition laserdisc box set of Toy Story.

Modified (deboobulated)
b. Modified (deboobulated) version from the DVD of Finding Nemo.

Sad to see Pixar engaging in Disney-style re-writing (or, in this case, re-rendering) of history...

(Incidentally, don't take either of these rather fuzzy screenshots as being fully indicative of video quality: these are digital-camera photos of still frames on an RPTV, not direct video captures. I don't have any way to capture laserdisc images directly.)
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