Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Fourth time around

Today was my fourth summons for jury duty and the first time I actually made it into a courtroom. (I was impanelled last time, but the case was settled or pled or dropped before we could be seated.) This was a criminal case: a breaking-and-entering charge, with a white male defendent and four white female witnesses (one from the police department).

I didn't make the initial cut of seven people, but defense counsel exercised one of his peremptory challenges and I was picked to replace the rejected juror. Just for a moment there, I thought I might actually see a case... and then the prosecutor exercised one of his peremptory challenges and threw me out. Still not wanted on the voyage of justice.

Was it the bleak smile I gave the prosecutor as I sat down in the jury box? Was it because I, as a white male (the only one to have been seated so far) might have been presumed to identify somehow with the defendent? Did I just look too liberal, maybe, like someone who'd let a breaker-and-enterer go purely on principle? We'll never know.

In other news, the quote of the day is from A. O. Scott of The New York Times, in his review of Angels & InsectsDemons:
I have not read the novel by Dan Brown on which this film… is based. I have come to believe that to do so would be a sin against my faith, not in the Church of Rome but in the English language, a noble and beleaguered institution against which Mr. Brown practices vile and unspeakable blasphemy.
Tags: crime, film, humour
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