Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

One politics, two TV

(1) Maine voters, 53% of you suck. Maybe we'll try again in a few years to see whether you can come up with a better answer.

(2) Edge of Darkness, one of the finest dramas I've ever seen on television, is finally available on region-1 DVD. I popped it in the player just to see how it compared to the older UK DVD — it looks like the same transfer, which is unstunning but perfectly acceptable — and ended up watching the first three one-hour episodes all over again. And yes, before you ask, one of the supporting cast members is, in fact, the same Joe Don Baker who was in Walking Tall and Mitchell (the latter of which was written by Ian Kennedy Martin, brother of Edge of Darkness writer Troy Kennedy Martin), and believe it or not, he's genuinely great; he's amusing, menacing, deceptive, and foolish-wise by turns. But that's not to set aside Bob Peck's haunted performance as the lead, which still knocks me on my arse every time I watch it: he carries the whole show with a bare minimum of dialogue, letting his expressions tell the story, to the point where some scenes are almost like silent-film acting.

(3) Also, The Prisoner just came out on Blu-ray and its new transfer does look stunning: it's a huge jump in quality over the 2000 DVD releases, which look dark and fuzzy and blurry in comparison. I'm about four episodes in and enjoying my re-watch thoroughly, though it's waiting on Edge of Darkness now. I haven't yet dared check out the promo for the AMC remake with Jim ChristCaviezel and Ian McKellen — but I am starting to wonder whether there are any spinning sounds emanating from the grave of the late Patrick McGoohan.
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