Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

"...from back when an 'iPod' would have been thought of as some Welsh divinity..."

It's always a pleasure to see Uncle Robyn in fine fettle. Even when being upstaged by a fly.  :-)

Coolidge Corner Theatre, 7:30pm, 8 June 2010
(all acoustic)

• "Ghost Ship"
• "I Got the Hots For You"
• "The Museum of Sex"
• "The Wreck of the Arthur Lee"
• "Luckiness"
• "Ordinary Millionaire"
• "Olé Tarantula"
• "Only the Stones Remain"
• "She Doesn't Exist" [dedicated to Vic Chesnutt]
• "Red Locust Frenzy" [dedicated to Michéle Noach]
• "Sometimes a Blonde"
• "Sounds Great When You're Dead"
• "Balloon Man" ["'s about capitalism."]
• "(A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs"

["...the penalty for attending one of my shows is that you have to listen to me sing my way through my record collection"]
• "Terrapin" [Syd Barrett]
• "River Man" [Nick Drake]
• "Crystal Ship" [The Doors]
• "Visions of Johanna" [Bob Dylan]
Tags: music
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