December 13th, 2004

Film reel


It's heeeeeeeere...

(one slightly-frantic unwrapping frenzy later) anyone want a coupon enabling them to order a miniature statue of Minas Morgul?

Oh, and there's a nice offer in the box for a free (well, free + $3.00 shipping/handling) beefy slipcover to hold all three Extended Edition DVD sets. You don't need a receipt or anything, so go ahead and order now if you're ordering.

And now, please excuse me: I need to disappear from the world for... well, not actually four hours, since (a) I'm going to skim the bits I remember; and (b) I don't have four hours until my work-night bed-time. But close enough. G'night, all...
2001 (HAL 9000 eye)

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Three things:

(1) Yes, the extended Return of the King is even better than the theatrical cut, even in skimming-for-new-bits mode. It's still not perfect, but I liked most of the additions (pretty much anything not involving Gimli the Comical Dwarf).

(2) This is the third – and almost certainly the final – time my name will ever appear in the credits of a film. (Or, more properly, the credits of a DVD, since we sad fan-club members weren't credited in the theatrical release.) Oh, well.

(3) Because I am, in fact, a pure and true nerd, here are what the menu screen Elvish-alphabet/English-language inscriptions on all the Extended Edition DVDs say:
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