January 1st, 2005

2001 (HAL 9000 eye)

This year, I resolve to make no resolutions.

Well, it's 2005 over here, but thanks to the miracle of time-zones, there's still time for me to wish all you US folk (sooooo 2004, darling) a Happy New Year. Hope people are having fun at the various parties I was (optimistically) invited to...

I watched the fireworks display here (centred on the London Eye, the big Ferris wheel on the South Bank) on the telly. It would have been better without the naff announcer chattering on and on over the images, but he did contribute one gem: at one point, explaining how the Eye was "a fireworks designer's dream", he praised it for its "traditional shape". What, round? Yeah, we went with that because, y'know, the earlier plan with the Ferris triangle just didn't work out. Mmmm-hmmm.