October 4th, 2005


Can't seem to face/up to the facts...

I haven't even touched on the 5.1-channel DVD-audio remixes yet, but so far, the stereo remasters of the old Talking Heads albums sound good to my ears. Beefier low end, a little more detail, and a generally stronger presence. And about time, too.

(I'm still a little grumpy about having to buy Naked as part of the box, but WTF: one album I don't care about isn't such a terrible penalty. And hey, it's a very pretty box.)

Edit: Interesting. There seems to have been a little back-and-forth with regard to the songwriting credits on Fear of Music. On the other recent Rhino/Sire/WB releases (The Best of Talking Heads, The Name of This Band is Talking Heads and the Once in a Lifetime box set), "Heaven" and "Memories Can't Wait" were credited to Byrne/Harrison, and "Life During Wartime" was credited to all four Heads; on both the old WB Fear of Music CD and the new Rhino/Sire/WB disc, those three songs are all credited solely to Byrne. And "Drugs", which the other Rhino releases credit exclusively to Byrne, is credited to Byrne/Eno on the album.