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December 11th, 2003

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01:55 pm
The rain is melting away lots of the leftover snow. Also, the water at my house seems to no longer be rusty (as it rather copiously was this morning: ick). These are Good Things.

More of a Surprising Thing, though also Good: the Restless Records CD remasters of the first four Replacements albums are actually significant improvements over the old Twin/Tone CDs. They're not just louder, which I'd naturally expect, but also better equalised/compressed and less mushy: they generally seem to let more of the sound quality (I know, I know: early 'Mats records? Sound quality?) come through. Huzzah for a better-sounding version of “Unsatisfied”. brainiac69 will also be happy to know that this means I now have a better-sounding version of “Fuck School”. :-)

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