Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

The rain is melting away lots of the leftover snow. Also, the water at my house seems to no longer be rusty (as it rather copiously was this morning: ick). These are Good Things.

More of a Surprising Thing, though also Good: the Restless Records CD remasters of the first four Replacements albums are actually significant improvements over the old Twin/Tone CDs. They're not just louder, which I'd naturally expect, but also better equalised/compressed and less mushy: they generally seem to let more of the sound quality (I know, I know: early 'Mats records? Sound quality?) come through. Huzzah for a better-sounding version of “Unsatisfied”. brainiac69 will also be happy to know that this means I now have a better-sounding version of “Fuck School”. :-)
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