Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

[music meme]

Bearing in mind that what's in iTunes is only a tiny fraction of what's on my shelves...

XTC, "Knuckle Down" (English Settlement)
Big Country, "Lost Patrol (live)" ("Wonderland" B-side)
Killing Joke, "Who Told You How?" (What's THIS For…!)
XTC, "The Somnambulist" ("Generals and Majors" B-side)
David Bowie, "Soul Love" (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars)
The Replacements, "Hold My Life" (Tim)
Big Star, "Thirteen" (#1 Record)
David Bowie, "Waterloo Sunset" (Reality "tour edition" bonus track)
The Beatles, "For You Blue" (Let It Be… Naked)
Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, "The Can Opener" ("If You Were a Priest" B-side)

Results skewed somewhat by the fact that I haven't MP3'd much of my CD collection yet (no Wire, no Talking Heads, no Ultravox, no Tears For Fears, no King Crimson, no Eno). Still, startling that not a single random-80s tune (out of 272) made it to the Random 10...

...but very funny that the first two entries should be XTC and Big Country: some folks here may remember my stated intent to buy only CDs by those two artists and to stick with cassettes/LPs for everything else. That resolution didn't last. :-)
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