Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

variant-format state mememememememe

I have lived in three states:
(18) Louisiana, (21) Massachusetts and (for my sins, which must have been many and varied) (25) Missouri.

I have visited 15 states and one district:
(5) California, (6) Colorado, (7) Connecticut, (9) Florida, (13) Illinois, (22) Michigan, (24) Mississippi, (29) New Hampshire, (32) New York, (38) Pennsylvania, (39) Rhode Island, (42) Tennessee, (43) Texas, (46) Virginia and (49) Wisconsin, plus (a) Washington D.C. (not listed on the original meme but included anyway out of sheer bloody-mindedness).

I have passed through eight states:
(3) Arizona, (4) Arkansas, (10) Georgia, (14) Indiana, (20) Maryland, (30) New Jersey, (31) New Mexico and (35) Ohio. (And in the cases of Indiana, New Jersey and Ohio, not nearly fast enough.)

I have never even been to 24 states:
(1) Alabama, (2) Alaska, (8) Delaware, (11) Hawaii, (12) Idaho, (15) Iowa, (16) Kansas, (17) Kentucky, (19) Maine, (23) Minnesota, (26) Montana, (27) Nebraska, (28) Nevada, (33) North Carolina, (34) North Dakota, (36) Oklahoma, (37) Oregon, (40) South Carolina, (41) South Dakota, (44) Utah, (45) Vermont, (47) Washington, (48) West Virginia and (50) Wyoming.

I've also lived in the United Kingdom (specifically Great Britain, specifically England, specifically Greater London, specifically Westminster, specifically St. John's Wood) and have visited Jamaica, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Morocco, Canada and Scotland. But most of those places are in Yerp or other furren areas, so perhaps they don't count for meme purposes.
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