Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Well and good. I had the rare luxury of voting my conscience today, which is to say that I voted for the (remaining) candidate who best embodies my views, as opposed to voting for the one I thought would have the best chances in November. And my candidate, Kucinich, got a whopping 171 votes in Waltham, which means that it wasn't just me who plumped for him, either. (He lost in Waltham, of course, as he did statewide and indeed nationwide, but I expected that. I just like not being alone on this one.)

Come November, I doubt very much I'll have this luxury again. I suppose I might yet change my mind and actually end up liking the candidate I'm nigh-certainly going to vote for, but right now I suspect I'll have to settle for just voting for him out of sheer pragmatism. Well, if so, it won't be the first time: I played this game in 2000, too.

Meanwhile, the rest of primary season should be a whole lot less interesting now.
Tags: politics
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