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March 23rd, 2004

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07:18 pm
Here's my supposed spot on the political compass, inasmuch as that can be determined by a question-and-answer form. I'm surprised to see how left-wing the site says I am... but then again, the questions only measure beliefs, not degree of commitment.

The thing on that site that I find most interesting is their analysis of the positions of the various US Presidential candidates. Sharpton and Kucinich are graphed as being the closest to my (supposed) position, which doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is that the Political Compass folks feel Kerry is the next best match for me: he's shown closer to my position than any of the other Democratic candidates was, including Dean.

(I also enjoy the site's defense of its British spellings, even if the writers should have used "belabour" instead of just "labour".)

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