Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Just got back from the Bowie show at the FleetCenter.

This is now the seventh time I've seen him play, and while it wasn't the best of those shows, it was still perfectly enjoyable: I'm glad I went, and I wasn't certain I would be.

Bowie and band seemed in fine fettle: there was plenty of energy up on the stage, and I even enjoyed some of the songs that aren't normally among my favourite entries in the live set ("I'm Afraid of Americans" and "Hallo Spaceboy", fr'instance).

I could have wished for a better venue, though: the FleetCenter is kinda boomy, so the mix wasn't as clear as it should have been. (Loud, yes. Clear, no.) And the seats on the floor were packed so close that there wasn't any room to dance. (For those of you boggling at me and the word "dance" occurring in such close proximity, I do dance at concerts—and particularly Bowie concerts. I just don't dance anywhere else: too damned self-conscious.)

It was nice to go to a concert and not be the oldest person there, or even close (unlike at, say, the Radiohead show I saw a few years back): there were plenty of older fans. And there were lots of parents (wearing '70s or '80s Bowie T-shirts) bringing their kids (wearing '90s or '00s T-shirts) to the show, which was weird but nice. Of the fans younger than me, a significant proportion seemed to belong to the girls-who-grew-up-watching-Labyrinth-entirely-too-often contingent.

Highlight of the show: "Fantastic Voyage" (from Lodger). It's a nostalgic favourite of mine which I've never heard played live before, and Bowie sang it beautifully, in full-on Crooner Mode. Just lovely.

Set list: "Rebel Rebel"; "Hang On To Yourself"; "New Killer Star"; "Fame"; "Cactus"; "Fantastic Voyage"; "All the Young Dudes"; "China Girl"; "Reality"; "The Man Who Sold the World"; "The Loneliest Guy"; "Hallo Spaceboy"; "Sunday"; "Heathen (The Rays)"; "Under Pressure"; "Sound and Vision"; "Days"; "Quicksand"; "Looking For Water"; "Blue Jean"; "Ashes to Ashes"; "Pablo Picasso"; "I'm Afraid Of Americans"; "'Heroes'" [ENCORE] "Five Years"; "Suffragette City"; "Ziggy Stardust".
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