Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

20-song meme (stolen from smacaski).

Randomized playlist, I pick my favourite lyric from the first 20 songs (after throwing out instrumentals and cover versions). You all can try to guess the song.
  1. "These games you play, they're gonna end in more than tears someday..."

  2. "And I can't be holding on
     To what you got
     When all you got is hurt..."

  3. "Striped with blood and emblazed tattoo
     Streaking cathedral spire..."

  4. "Conquering myself until
     I see another hurdle approaching
     Say we can, say we will
     Not just another drop in the ocean..."

  5. "People say I should forget
     New friend tomorrow
     Don't get upset..."

  6. "And just as my eyes start seeing
     After all the pain
     The twist in my life starts healing
     Just to twist again..."

  7. "And nothing will ever change
     The words exchanged for revenge inside
     You know these things take time..."

  8. "There's slaughter in the air
     Protest on the wind
     Someone else inside me
     Someone could get skinned..."

  9. "Silent weapons for a quiet war..."

  10. "But if you study the logistics
     And heuristics of the mystics
     You will find that their minds rarely move in a line..."

  11. "Waits at the window,
     Wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door..."

  12. "But her sense of taste is such that she'll distinguish with her tongue
     The subtleties a spectrograph would miss..."

  13. "He transferred his soul
     To his imagination
     His atoms were excited,
     And he glowed in the dark..."

  14. "Here come a riddle, here come a clue
     If you are really smart, you'll know what to do..."

  15. "I've seen the nights, filled with bloodsport and pain,
     And the bodies obtained, the bodies obtained..."

  16. "I stayed up late to hear your voice
     This light is here to keep you warm
     This song is here to keep you strong..."

  17. "You have pushed me through too many windows and too many doors..."

  18. "For a heart without love is a song with no words
     And a tune to which no-one is listening,
     So your heart must give love and you'll find that you shine
     Like the rain on the leaves, you'll be glistening..."

  19. "If bein’ wrong’s a crime, I’m serving forever
     If bein’ strong ain't what you want, then I need help here with this feather..."

  20. "I gotta laugh
     But there's half of me that wants to sit and cry
     I gotta split
     It's a quaint old-fashioned way to say goodbye..."

Tags: music
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