Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

A nice sort of "thank you" quote

For frozencapybara, gizmoek, rhysara, sauergeek, bouncingleaf, jehanna, lizzielizzie, jagheterlelle and everyone else who attended the Sunday-midnight vigil at Cambridge City Hall:
Jes Shuford and Shannon Andrews seemed momentarily stunned by the thousands of jubilant well wishers waiting to greet them as they bounded down the steps of Cambridge City Hall at 1:30 a.m. Monday morning.… "Hearing all those people cheering really makes it sink in," said Shuford, a 28-year-old masseuse from neighboring Somerville. "That's not something that normally happens in my life."

Newsweek, 18 May 2004
Reading this, I feel that much better about the sore throat I woke up with on Monday morning.  :-)
Tags: politics
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