Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Best. Papal. Comeback. Ever.

I should really be asleep, and I'm about to go hit the sack, but I just had to share this gem from a WWII history book I was flipping through. Describing events in Germany after Hitler's abortive 1923 putsch in Munich:
Robert Murphy, who was the American vice-consul, consulted the papal legate, Monsignor Pacelli, about the incident's significance. The legate assured him Hitler would never again be heard from. Murphy remembered this in 1944 when, as adviser to General Mark Clark, he called on Pacelli, then Pope Pius XII, in newly liberated Rome. "Bob," said His Holiness, patting Murphy on the knee, "that was before I was infallible."
The American Heritage Picture History of World War II, ed. David G. McCullough, p. 19.
Tags: history
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