Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

I'm still tired from yesterday, which I spent kayaking (!) and playing guitar and generally hanging-out with rhysara in NH. But I'm tired in a pleasant way, as I'd expect to be after such a long and enjoyable day: it's "I did a lot" tired, which is much more satisfying than "I did nothing" tired. I'm glad I was willing to try kayaking, which is a little outside my usual range of diversions: it's great fun, and I can see how people get hooked on it. (For you non-believers, there is, in fact, photographic evidence of me kayaking. Well, okay, of me kayaking badly, if we're gonna be frank. But I haven't got the pictures yet.)

And that's not all the good karma, either: a headhunter — steered my way by a friend/former co-worker — wants me to call her about a job in Waltham. I don't know if I'm entirely qualified for the position (it's got Oracle stuff, some of which I'm rusty on and some of which I never knew in the first place), but it sounds like something I'd actually enjoy. And commuting to my own town would be pretty bearable, I think. Hope I don't screw this up...

And this evening, I'm going guitar-shopping (in a purely advisory role) with solipsistnation. Purely advisory, mind you: there's no question of my buying another guitar just because I'm going along to stores that sell guitars. (I do not need to buy a Telecaster. I do not need to buy a Telecaster. I do not need to buy a Tele-... but Robyn Hitchcock plays one! Oooh!)
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