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August 26th, 2004

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11:53 am
A friend e-mailed me a collection of pro-Democrat/anti-Bush bumper-stickers, including several familiar ones (e.g.,"Regime change begins at home") and a few I hadn't encountered before (e.g., "Stop mad cowboy disease"). Sadly, my all-time favourite ("When you vote for Bush, you get Dick!") wasn't included.

In particular, my eye was caught by one hopeful sticker that read, "When women vote, Democrats win!" That seemed particularly apropos today, since it was 84 years ago today that the 19th Amendment to the US constitution — which guarantees American women the right to vote — took effect. Happy Anniversary...

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Date:August 26th, 2004 09:02 am (UTC)
"'Cause we were sufferin', until suffrage!
Not a woman could vote no matter what age!
Then the 19th amendment struck down that restrictive rule,
Oh yeah!!!"

Yay, Schoolhouse Rock!

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