Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Spent the day hanging out with kazmat. First we hit the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Museum of Science, which was highly entertaining. (The split-camera forced-perspective demo is particularly cool/disturbing, and I was a little surprised that there wasn't a special security guard for pretty-boy Legolas' costume.)

Then we swung by Harvard Square and visited Games People Play (me: the more current edition of Illuminati; kazmat: FBI and Cosmic Wimpout, the latter of which I'd introduced her to on Sunday) and Pandemonium (me: GURPS SWAT and a surprise un-pre-ordered copy of the limited-edition Deluxe version of GURPS Basic, Fourth Edition; kazmat: Natural Selection and Counting Zees).

Then off to dinner: Bombay Mahal, on Moody Street. Somosas, papadums, lamb rogan josh, naan, mmmmmmmango juice. Lovely.

And then back home to: play Cosmic Wimpout, establishing that kazmat's CW dice hate her and that mine hate me; open up, cut up the counters for, and read the rules to The Awful Green Things From Outer Space before deciding it would take too long; and play more Cosmic Wimpout. Figured out that the rule I thought I interpreted wrongly on Sunday was actually correct: w00t or something.

Late now: kazmat went home about an hour ago, and I'm just puttering before hitting the sack. A good day, I feel.

P.S. Oh, and, my quote of the day:
"He's a man who likes to drink; he's a man who likes to smoke; he's a man with a pointy hat."
—Sir Ian McKellan sums up Gandalf
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