Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Visit from rhysara, which means game-store crawling (and also a test-drive of a hybrid car).
So, yes, more game stores. Expedition Record, Part the First:

• First game store: The Outer Limits, Waltham. rhysaraThe Big Idea (Semi-deluxe edition). Me – nothing.

• Second game store: Danger Planet, Waltham. rhysaraStarbase Jeff, Cosmic Wimpout. Me – nothing.

• Third game store: Compleat Gamester, Waltham. rhysara – sixty leetle tiny d6s. Me – nine somewhat heftier d6s.

Then we came home and inventoried kazmat's stockpile of Cheapass Games, so we'd know what to look for in our effort to complete her collection. This was not an insignificant amount of work.  :-)

Next, the car. We drove down to Quincy to test-drive the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, which was a cool thing even if it bothered me on all sorts of levels. (Not least of which: when it's moving at under 25 mph and running solely on the electric motor, it's so quiet that it triggers my "oh shit, it's stalling" panic reflex.) We spent a lot of time saying "Fnord Motor Company" and swiped all sorts of marketing materials for rhysara to use on her brats kids, including a significant influx of pencils for her pencil empire. (So what if they say "Ford" on them?)

Then on with the game-store crawl. Expedition Record, Part the Second:

• Fourth game store: The Compleat Strategist, Boston. rhysara – nothing (this involving a great act of will). Me – GURPS GM's Screen, Illuminati: Y2K Expansion, and five (ugh! five!) Osprey books.

• Fifth game store: Games People Play, Cambridge. rhysaraTin Soldiers, a d30 labelled with letters instead of numbers, and a d6 labelled with fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/3, 1/5, 1/6). Me – a very special Cheapass Game for a very special gamer. (Er, or kazmat if you're playing along with the home game.)

• Sixth game store: Pandemonium, Cambridge. (The proprietor was wearing a "Fnord Motor Company" shirt, which just made my afternoon.) rhysara – a dragon book and a d8 labelled with compass directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). Me – nothing.

• Seventh game store: The Hobby Bunker, Malden. Except they were closed, so no browsing and no buying. Sad.

Then dinner, then a stop at Krispy Kreme so I could be introduced to the wonderful thing that is the "waterfall" of glaze (insert your own Homer Simpson drooling noise here), then home to examine our loot. Loot! W00t!
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