Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

Reviewing old IRC logs...all of the following were suggested at one point or another as band names. It's positively astounding how bad we all are at this game...

10 Goto 10; 51 Beatings; Accumulation; Altman's Coordinates; The Artist Formerly Known as Mute; Assless Chaps; Big Big Violet Wang; Big Thunder Offensive; Boy Division; Carnal Tunnel; Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys; Choad The Wet Socket; Choadbangers Of The Apocalypse; Corporate Downsizing; CRONTAB; Deforest Kelly and the Silk Scarf Experience; The Feverish Kayakers; Finger-Lickin' Wrong; First Against the Wall; Flere-Imsaho; FTP Nation; Ineffable Heffalumps; Johnson Amplification Millennium; Josh Brandt And His Four Brandtones; Josh Brandt and the Ulterior Motives; Joshie and the Pussycats; The Joshua Thelonius Brandt Quartet; Joshy and the Choad Wranglers; Kill -9 and the Zombies; Landwave; Mangasket; Mi Casa Es Su Madre; My Tongue Is Burned; Orchestral Manoeuvres in Your Butt; Past Sonance; Penis Widget; Pr0nmagnet; The Prostates; Quaolnargn; Sexual Chocolate; The Shuteye Train; The Sidehackers; Souciant; Still Winter; Teen Men's Anemic Orchestra; Tongueburner; TROGDOR!; Upping My Dosage; Walter-->Wendy; Waveland; Whorbital; Winter Boys; Wintermute; WYNTYR.

(And yes, you can tell at first glance which ones were suggested by solipsistnation. :-)
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