Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

For some time now, I've maintained a Bad Ideas list. These are mostly either ideas which ought to make sense but don't, or ideas which don't make sense but should. Some of them are just plain stupid (but amusingly so, one hopes) and some are actually sorta plausible.

I know I've forgotten many of the Bad Ideas (mine and others') which were written down on slips of paper now lost to time, but here's what's on the list so far:

Bad Ideas:
• Flavoured boot polish (for compassionate middle managers: makes the boot-licking experience that much less unpleasant)
• SUSHITOS®: Frito-Lay raw fish flavour chips
• Detergent/deodorant scents: pot (for Deadheads), patchouli/body-odor (for Phish fans)
• LayPal (like PayPal, but for sexual favours)
• Cinchable glory-holes (so they can double as cock-rings)
• Puorn (the non-meat porn substitute)

Not-Actually-Entirely-Bad Ideas:
• Variable-Stuf® Oreos: Oreos sold as components (cookies in bag, squeeze-cheese-like can of white filling)
• Hollow chopsticks (double as straws for drinking your soup through)

Further suggestions (or reminders of past Bad Ideas that should be preserved for, uh, posterity) welcomed.
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