Douglas Bailey (trystero) wrote,
Douglas Bailey

New and old music by old artists. W00t.

New Brian Eno album due out 14 June. (Thanks to solipsistnation for the pointer.)

New Bob Mould album – with guitars – due out 26 July, in 1- and 2-CD editions. (And a tour to follow: so much for the "last guitar-band tour ever" gambit from 1998. Not that I'm complaining, mind...)

And some remastered old albums – The Drop, Neroli, Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly – from Eno, all due out 28 June. (I'm not crazy about The Drop, but the others are all enjoyable enough that I'll probably pick up the remasters.)

Still no sign of the hinted-at Talking Heads album remasters, though...
Tags: music
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