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(We Await Silent Trystero's Empire)

Douglas Bailey
30 July 1971
    I am:
  • American (by birth)
  • an anglophile (lived in London and still miss it)
  • a bit of an arse sometimes
  • arthritic (one dodgy knee)
  • astigmatic
  • an atheist
  • Australian (also by birth)
  • balding (okay, bald)
  • a bassist
  • bearded
  • bespectacled
  • brown-haired (what's left, though even that is starting to grey)
  • circumcised
  • earringed (just the one)
  • currently employed (thankfully)
  • ex-WPI (like lots of good people)
  • greeny-blue-eyed (is that hazel? I'm never sure what hazel is)
  • a guitarist (theoretically)
  • a Gweep (go on, Google it)
  • a heliophobe
  • heterosexual (at least, so far)
  • hypertensive (though the drugs help)
  • hypertrophic-scar-forming (don't ask)
  • politically independent
  • a mild insomniac
  • introverted with strangers, but much more gregarious with friends
  • Jewish (not practising, but ethnically through me Mum's family)
  • politically left of centre
  • a Leo (but the Cancer horoscopes are always more accurate)
  • male
  • mammalian
  • a member of the land-owning bourgeoisie
  • Midwestern (born in St. Louis: not my fault, really...)
  • missing five teeth (all pulled, no drama)
  • monochromatic in dress (though less so than I used to be)
  • a monoglot (I took just enough French to be thoroughly lost when watching French films)
  • myopic (somewhere upwards of 20/1000 vision, they tell me)
  • never going to be a Paul Newman-esque come-hither beauty (but then, I never had many illusions on this score)
  • a non-drinker (more or less teetotal)
  • a non-smoker (absolutely)
  • not really into coffee, either...
  • overweight (215-220 lbs. at just under 5′10″)
  • a pig (according to the Chinese horoscope: sometimes called “boar”, but I rather like “pig”)
  • sarcastic (really)
  • a temporo-mandibular joint syndrome sufferer (basically, a jaw-clencher)
  • thin-skinned (don't ask)
  • a white Anglo-Saxon (on my father's side)